5 Must-have Adventures in the Garden Route

The Garden Route is truly a great family destination because it caters to a wide variety of interests. It’s a spot that you need to visit at least once in your life, however you should be warned: once you've been there, you'll find yourself drawn back to mystical woods, world-class beaches and adventure hotspots again and again.

The best beaches in the world cannot compete with the sun-soaked shores of the Garden Route in summer. But for adrenaline junkies, after the first two days, sunbathing could get quite boring.

Fortunately there is no shortage of adventures to be enjoyed. Here’s a roundup of a few of our favourites:


  1. Hang out at the suspension bridge in Tsitsikamma

The suspension bridge hanging over the red-brown waters of the Storms River Mouth spans 77 meters and remains one of the Tsitsikamma region's most popular tourist attractions in the Garden Route's Eastern Cape province. Not only is this little adventure a must-do in SA, it's great for adventure-loving families as well. As it joins the foamy Indian Ocean, it hangs just seven metres above the churning waters of the river which makes for an exciting excursion, not to mention a coveted photo-opportunity! The pathway leading to the suspension bridge covers 900 metres of the Tsitsikamma forest. There are plenty of steps to negotiate, however, especially if covered slowly, it remains a fairly easy path. You can also enjoy a kayak or lilo river adventure with Untouched Adventures here.


  1. Embark on the original treetop canopy tour in SA, whizz through the trees!

Whilst in the area, why not glide through 700-year-old Yellow Wood trees 30 meters above the ground in the Tsitsikamma Forest with Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour! If you're fortunate, you might even see the famous Narina Trogon 's enigmatic flash. R595 per person.

A 45-minute drive from Plett, situated at the Storms River Village.  


  1. Ride the Waves of White

Why not get the heart racing with a glide in a speedboat or jetski ON TOP of the water! This is hysterical entertainment! You can book a trip on Freaking Fast WaveRider from Mossel Bay Harbour on a sunny day and then... be sure to hang on for dear life!


  1. Rough and tumble Paintball

Do the children (and you) need to get rid of a few of those holiday frustrations? We've got the perfect solution. Paintball Garden Route is a permanent paintball playground where groups can safely shoot and splat each other to their hearts’ content.

R200 with 200 paintballs is the cost to rent and play, and groups and/or families are welcomed.


  1. The Human Origins Experience is a tour of the Pinnacle Point Caves in Mossel Bay that examines the beginnings of modern human behaviour. Under Professor Curtis Marean of Arizona State University, the caves remain part of ongoing international research, with over 40 scientists from all over the world participating in the process. Dr Peter Nilssen, one of the two scientists who carried out a routine survey for an environmental impact study on land that was about to be developed into the Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort (where the tour begins and ends after a visit to one of the caves), provides a fascinating glimpse into this astounding archaeological heritage. Tours take place daily by appointment only and are restricted to a maximum of 12 guests, and only on selected dates, because of the sensitivity of the site. Tours encompass one of two options:

Option 1 Point of Knowledge of Human Origins with Dr. Nilssen.                         

Duration: 3-4 hours

Option 2 Specially Qualified, Knowledgeable Guide for Guided Cave Tours. Duration:   

90 minutes.

Visit their site (link above, for bookings or enquiries).


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