With the relaxing of Covid sanctions around the world, the travel industry is gearing up for a deluge of inbound and outbound travellers, however, domestic tourism is seeing a surge too.

Speak to any of the Yuppiestay network members and you’ll learn that things are picking up and they are looking forward to a bumper Festive season this year. 

When it comes to a holiday that is truly unforgettable, there is nothing that has a greater bearing on how you’ll feel afterwards than your choice of accommodation. Yuppiestay is here to do the work for you by featuring the crème de la crème of guest houses, boutique hotels, bed n breakfasts and self-catering options. Point number 1 for stress-free travel: choose reputable, well-reviewed accommodation that suits the style of holiday you’re looking for and that provides a personal touch to put your mind at ease regarding your booking.

This leads us to Point number 2 for lowering or eliminating your travel stress:  speak to those who have recently visited where you’ll be going. Glean information from experts in the travel and tourism industry (online or in person) and when it comes to your destination, be sure to also lean on the team providing you with accommodation for their expertise and knowledge of local must-see places and activities to make sure that you’re well and truly taken care of in every respect (or you can talk to us – nudge nudge, wink wink!)

No self-respecting global citizen will set off on a journey to anywhere these days without the requisite must-have items for any eventuality such as power banks, charging cables, travel pillows, locks and packing cells, which have become standard in every traveller’s kit list. Point number 3 in your stress-reduction travel plan: make a list! Check off the items you’ll need, both big and small and you’ll immediately feel more at ease.

Once your accommodation is booked and you’ve made a list of both must-see and do activities as well as a list of all you need to take with you, you’ll begin to feel anxiety dissipate and welcome a growing sense of anticipation as you look forward to your upcoming trip.

With this in mind and the fact that we are slowly returning to relative normalcy, you can breathe a sigh of relief as we embrace travel once more.  It is not only good for the global economy but also for the soul of all who love the wonder of their wanderings. This time, stress-free and the living is easy.


Bon voyage!


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